Customize for yourself or family or friends

DIY Tool :
7X24-hour service. the freedom and flexibility of DIY tools help you easily create the T-shirt of your unique style.
We have nearly 40 styles of products, each style 3-12 colors.
Shipping fee :
Free shipping if order total is more than ¥200
Promotion :
New member entrying coupon number 10289 can get ¥10 coupon
Delivery :
goods reach your specified address in 2-7 days.

Group custom

Promotion :
2 pieces for bulk discount up to 5.5%. lovers / family package can be customized
Design :
If you feel it too hard to use DIY tools, or if you want us to design, we would like to do it for you.
Shipping fee :
Free shipping if order total is more than ¥200
Crafts :
digital printing, flocking, hot stamping and other.
Style :
We have nearly 40 styles of products. If they cannot fulfill you, we can provide you with unique style.
Service :
300 designers one to one service.
  • Custom family package in TeeUme

    Family Package

  • Custom Staff uniforms in TeeUme


  • Custom class uniforn in TeeUme


  • Custom association uniforms in TeeUme


  • Custom anniversary activity uniforms in TeeUMe

    Anniversary activity uniforms

  • TeeUMe provide embroidery


Our advantages

  • Top brands quality

    We commissions OEM manufacturer of long time processing top brand products. We have the same quality.

    TeeUMe's clothes has the same quality to top brands
  • Digital printing

    We imported Israel Kornit digital printer, more colorful, clearer, more breathable, no fade, can print on black and other dark-colored cotton cloth.

    First printing quality in the country
  • Nontoxic printing ink

    International GOTSV3 certification, Oeko-Tex Standard 100 infant stage certification.

    Oeko-Tex Standard 100 infant stage certification
  • Rich custom products

    Up to almost 40 Products, each product 6-13 colors, a variety of sizes, the most abundant category between all peers.

    TeeUMe has richest customizable clothes styles in country
  • Group custom, favorable price

    Help you design, 2 pieces for bulk discount, up to 5.5%.

    Group customization has discount

Compare printing crafts

TeeUMe's digital printing is the best
Others using thermal transfer are poor effect
The advantages of digital Digital garment printing
  1. Digital printing has good feel

    Digital printing, good feel, fine particles of digital printing inks, can achieve nanoscale. It can easily penetrate into the gaps in the fabric of the fiber. Enhancing fastness, and keep softness and comfort. Thermal transfer prints ink on a layer of plastic film, then presses the heated film on the fabric. Because using another medium, Thermal transfer feels worse, just like pasting something plastic on clothes.

  2. Digital printing more colorful

    Digital printing effect is more colorful. we know that thermal transfer technical is usually printed using four-color offset plates, this method is hard to master the color integration, and without a ideal effect. But digital printing uses 6 colors, nice color blend, making very realistic printing effect with bright color, attracting consumers attention.

  3. Digital printing not easy to fade

    Digital printing is not easy to fade, as opposed to the traditional hand printing, advances in digital printing technology greatly improves color fastness, making printed products more lasting vivid colors.

  4. Digital printing is more environmentally friendly than traditional thermal transfer technology

    Digital printing is more environmentally friendly than thermal transfer, both in the production process or finished products. Thermal transfer printing material is generally PVC, while in the international arena, generally considered the use of plastic products dress is harmful, can not imported. So no international brand uses thermal transfer on T-shirts.

TeeUMe uses nontoxic ink