Company Introduce

About us

TeeUMe(TeeUMe.com) is China's leading custom services company, always maintain the leading position in the domestic industry at fields of DIY custom technology, printing technology, product quality, customer service.

TeeUMe founded in 2009, Committed to provide consumers with clothes(mainly T-shirt) and textile's custom service, including personalized printing, product style design, and creative picture design. TeeUMe has provided high quality products and services for many enterprises, small groups as associations, and users who want birthday or memorial day gifts. These users love personalized styles and send TeeUMe nothing but praise.

TeeUMe provide a website platform, on which consumer can use the DIY tool to freely choose his/her favorite pictures, text, or photo to create a personal style or memorial product. Then TeeUMe will help to finish the production and send to the door of consumer.

In addition to DIY platform, TeeUMe is a share platform for designers' creative patterns or goods. And selling them to consumers is greate commercial value for designers.