How to DIY

TeeUMe provide online DIY custom function, you can customize T-shirts, sexy lingerie, pillows and other textile items. You can find patterns in our designs library to combinate them or upload your own patterns, add touching text. We hope you can have the best custom experience on teeume.com. The T-shirt example below to show you entire process of DIY customization.

Step 1: Open customization page

  • Find out custom in the top menu of TeeUMe.com, click and on next page select the left I want to customize .
  • Or go directly to the URL, www.teeume.com/diy , you can see the custom page as Figure 1.

Step 2: Select T-shirt style

  • In DIY module, you can choose your favorite T-shirt styles. (Figure 1)
  • You can click on any style you want, like lovers, family packages, etc. (Figure 2).
  • After choosing T-shirt style, please select your desired color, size and quantity (Figure 3) to customize.
  • If you choose lovers or family package, refer to (Figure 4) and (Figure 5), you need to customize for different roles.

Choose your favorite t-shirt style

Figure 1

Lovers package

Figure 2

choose your favorite color

Figure 3

Lover Custom

Figure 4

Family Custom

Figure 5

Step 3: choose designs

there are two ways to choose designs:

  1. Choose from TeeUMe designs library.
    1. Click "Designs" tab on DIY tool, and then select your favorite design category, such as "Art painting", and then find your favorite design. (Figure 7)
    2. Click "My Designs". You can find the designs you have used; And the folder "my upload", you can view designs uploaded by you. (Figure 8)
  2. You can upload images you designed.
    Through the "Designs" > "Upload Image", you can use the "local upload" or "camera to upload" these two ways to upload your favorite pictures, on which you can customize. (Figure 9)

Choose your favorite designs in TeeUMe Design Library

Figure 7

Your Designs

Figure 8

Upload image you designed

Figure 9


  1. The front and back of clothing, respectively, can be placed on three material design (a set of text is also counted as a material);
  2. Designs uploaded here does not produce any fees. You can find them in "Designs"> "My Designs". However, this image may only show on the computer which process that upload, other computers can not be displayed.

Step 4: Design Operation

  1. You can edit designs when they were added on clothing. (Figure 10)
  2. Shortcut buttons right below model can help you rotate, center, delete the design. And the edit panel on the upper right can edit color, rotate, flip.
  3. If multiple designs, in shortcut buttons, "Up One Level" button can control design overlay.

Designs Operation

Figure 10

Step 5: Input text and control

In addtion to designs, you can also add text to t-shirt.

  1. Click "Text" tab, Input something in textbox, then select font and size. Now click "Add" or "Update" button, the text now will be added on clothing. The edit panel on upper right can change the text color, rotate and etc. (Figure 11)

    Must note that English fonts only support English. If you want to type Chinese, select the Chinese fonts please.

  2. Text operation is similar to design's, you can delete, rotate, zoom the text or change color of it.

Input text and control

Figure 11


When you zoom in material, you may get message of "your DIY material or text should not exceed the overall width 45cm, height should not exceed 66.5cm " , this is the maximum size of printing production machines, once exceeded this size, the system will prompt you and can not be ordered.

Step 6: Finsh and make an order

When the material is edited after all, that things have been half done, please confrim things below:

  1. Confirm the t-shirt style and color.
  2. Choose the t-shirt size, S/M/L/XL, to suit your Height and bust. read "Size Reference". Finally don't forget to input quantity for each size.
  3. After confirmation click "Add to Cart". In the cart you find goods ordered. Here you can continue shopping or checkout. "Spoiled" button, with it you can act spoiled or play rascal to other person, telling him/her to pay for you.

TeeUme DIY custom fee

TeeUMe DIY custom fee: product base fee + design fee + printing fee + shipping fee

  1. Product base fee: different products has different fees.
  2. Design fee: range from 0-100 CNY per design.
  3. Printing fee: 30 CNY per side (the front or back of clothes)
  4. shipping fee: base on different areas and products amount. If your order valued 200 CNY or above, shipping fee no need to pay. (Shipping method and fees)
Note: Sexy lingerie exact price will be different, but the same pricing.