What products does TeeUMe have?

We has products as long-sleeved round neck t-shirt, V collar t-shirt, lapel T-shirt, vest, skirt, sweater, hoodies, pillows, underwear and other knitted products, and will gradually launch jeans, shirts, pants, shoes, caps, bags, towels, socks and other household products. Well-known textile companies are commissioned to produce most of TeeUMe products in top brands standards, for safety and reliability. Our products has sent to "National Textile and Apparel Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Guangzhou)", "China Textiles Industry Test Center (Guangdong)" for quality inspection, only qualified products can enter the market.

Parts of goods price

TeeUMe DIY custom fee: product base fee + design fee + printing fee + shipping fee

  1. Product base fee: different products has different fees.
  2. Design fee: range from 0-100 CNY per design.
  3. Printing fee: 30 CNY per side (the front or back of clothes)
  4. shipping fee: base on different areas and products amount. If your order valued 200 CNY or above, shipping fee no need to pay. (Shipping method and fees)
Note: Sexy lingerie exact price will be different, but the same pricing.

Recommended products washing

  1. T-shirts should be washed inside-out, with cold water (below 30C). T-shirts should be use soft mode of washing machine, or hand wash.
  2. Not chlorine bleaching.
  3. Using low heat to dry.
  4. To avoid shrinkage, lay flat to dry.
  5. Ironing the t-shirt should be inside out, placed on a cloth mat, without steam.
  6. No dry cleaning

Groups Customization preferential policy

Quantity Discount
2-4 pcs 10% off
5-10 pcs 15% off
11-20 pcs 20% off
21 and above 25% off

Note: Only regular priced goods has this discount

Printing fee description

The Printing fee is calculate by side, currently is 30 CNY per side. Comparing to other print technology, TeeUMe's digital printing uses Israel imported machine and inks, providing better printing effect, green nontoxic for your healthy. On the other side, this increase significant cost, so the printing fee is relatively high.