How to open a shop?

Register a teeume account, you will have a TeeUMe shop at once.

Why TeeUMe shop? And the advantage?

You can share your pattern designs, you can set a pattern design commission as well. People can use your design to print on products, and pay you commission if it's set.

Additional to share pattern design, you can design goods and publish them for sale. If you set a goods design commission and someone buys your goods, you will receive this part of commission.

Commition types

Member can set a commission for designing pattern and goods.

design commission

If your public pattern has commission, the goods using the pattern are sold, or someone use your pattern and paid, when these transaction is finished, TeeUMe will send pattern commissions to your account.

Goods commission

You can design and publish goods and set commission for it. If the goods are sold, you will receive the commission.


Designing goods you can use patterns of yourself or others.

Goods commission is including pattern commission. e.g. You designed a Goods commissioned 20 CNY, and this goods used a 5 CNY pattern of others, so you received 15 CNY. 5 CNY is for the pattern designer.

We encourage TeeUMe Shopkeeper to design goods using their own patterns to obtain greater benefits.

How to get back money?

  1. (1) TeeUMe member can view commission detail in "My account".
  2. (2) Return money. If your commission tatol valued 500 CNY or above, you can apply for money return. The individual income tax and bank transfer fee will be deduct and the rest will transfer to your bank account. Commission can pay on teeume.com.
  3. (3) Return money times. For member data management, you can take money back once a month currently. This meaning at least 30 days between two return of money. Please understand.
  4. (4) If any questions, please contact our customer service. We will do our best to solve your problem.
  5. (5) Bank transfer fee. CCB account: Transfer Fee = Return money * 1%; Other bank accounts: 50 CNY. This may adjusted if bank policy changed.

Personal income tax

Monthly income (CNY) Personal income tax
N <= 800 0
800 < N <= 4000 (N-800)*20%
4000 < N <= 20000 N*(1-20%)*20%
20000 < N <= 50000 N*(1-20%)*30%-2000
N > 50000 N*(1-20%)*40%-7000

How to spread your shop?

You can show your shop's URL on your site, blog, bbs, email signature, IM and other platforms. You can also share experience on TeeUMe. More people know and agree your designs, More popular your shop will be. TeeUMe will stand with you and try hard to spread the customization culture.


TeeUMe runs in a new mode, not the traditional clothes sale. We would like to cooperate with sites to exchange web traffic. Franchise shops are not in our plans nowadays, but channel agents may be your nice choice. Pls contact CS for detial Business Cooperation.