Pay online

TeeUMe support this online payment:

  1. Alipay
  2. Chinabank
  3. Shengpay

Pay by balance

If your account balance if enough for paying, you can choose "pay by balance".

Account income can be from recharging ( Learn account recharge), trade commissions, or refund money (Learn return policy).

Cash on delivery

TeeUMe cooperates with SF Express. So the COD areas base on SF Express service. By reason of difficult reselling DIY products, to avoid malicious purchase, we only accept COD payment while the order value is less than 300 CNY. Or, you can choose other payment else.

Account recharge

TeeUMe member can recharge account and use it to consume on the site. Login, click "Acount Management", "Account Balance and Recharge" to manage your account.

Benefit of recharging

Pay by account balance is the most preferential payment! And you will get benefit below:

(1) recharging¥100 can get ¥5 cash coupon.

(2) The more recharged, the more cash coupon you get, no ceiling.

Recharge rules:

(1) The lowest value to recharge is ¥100, and the value should be multiples of 50, such as 100, 150, 200, 250, 300

(2) We don't support refunding money that is recharged, please understand.

Account balance:

TeeUMe account value comes from:

(1) Recharged by payment platforms, e.g. Alipay.

(2) Confirming your return goods, the refund money will fill into your account.

Tips: We don't support refunding money that is recharged, please understand.

Coupon introduce

To feedback consumers, Selectively some of them will receive our coupons.

How to get coupons:

  1. TeeUMe sends paper coupons irregularly.
  2. Recharge TeeUMe account, every 100 CNY can get 5 CNY coupon.
  3. 首次注册为特有米会员时,如果有填写了正确的优惠码,系统也会赠送10元优惠券

How to use coupon:

  1. while submmitting order, you can choose existing coupons, or manually entry coupon No..
  2. Every coupon has an active time. Please use it in the right time.
  3. Every coupon has a number. Entry this number for discount.
  4. Coupon can only be used on the products with regular price. One coupon, one product.
  5. Coupon can not deduct shipping fee. If the coupn value is greater than product's, It's sorry that there is no providing change.
  6. Keep coupon No. safe, to avoid embezzle.
  7. Use function of "collect coupon", collecting coupons to your name, this can avoid embezzle.