What printing technology does TeeUMe uses?

TeeUMe uses imported advance printing machine(Kornit Distal 931DS) and safe green ink. This machine has high finesse printing technology, print directly on clothes, and bake. The ink will go deep inside the fiber, clothes are colorful and not easy to fade.

Kornit Digital 931DS, clothes direct printing machine, of which hardware is imported from Isael, and software comes from US. This machine uses green ink. Computer controls ink-jet basing photos. It's designd for hight quality, high effect clothes printing.

What is digital direct printing?

Traditional printing need pattern making, Digital printing don't. It's like inkjet printer, uses digital control, printing photos on clothes with colorful and soft feeling effect.

The advantages of digital direct printing

Digital direct printing has good feel

Digital direct printing, good feel, fine particles of digital printing inks, can achieve nanoscale. It can easily penetrate into the gaps in the fabric of the fiber. Enhancing fastness, and keep softness and comfort. Thermal transfer prints ink on a layer of plastic film, then presses the heated film on the fabric. Because using another medium, Thermal transfer feels worse, just like pasting something plastic on clothes.

Digital direct printing more colorful

Digital printing effect is more colorful. we know that thermal transfer technical is usually printed using four-color offset plates, this method is hard to master the color integration, and without a ideal effect. But digital printing uses 6 colors, nice color blend, making very realistic printing effect with bright color, attracting consumers attention.

Digital printing is not easy to fade

Digital printing is not easy to fade, as opposed to the traditional hand printing, advances in digital printing technology greatly improves color fastness, making printed products more lasting vivid colors.

Digital printing is more green than thermal transfer

Digital printing is more environmentally friendly than thermal transfer, both in the production process or finished products. Thermal transfer printing material is generally PVC, while in the international arena, generally considered the use of plastic products dress is harmful, can not imported. So no international brand uses thermal transfer on T-shirts.

Is the ink safe and green?

TeeUMe's ink passed international GOTSV3(Download certificate) and Oeko-Tex Strandard 100 infancy stage certifications(Download certificate). GOTS standard inks are safe, non-toxic, biodegradable and can not contain heavy metals, so it is suitable for organic apparel and accessories printing. Oeko-Tex Standard 100 infancy stage requires products passed skin PH value, formaldehyde, pesticides, pentachlorophenol, heavy metals, chlorinated organics carrier, carcinogens and potential carcinogens, allergy inducing dyes and color fastness (infants and toddlers baby products include saliva and perspiration) and other aspects of testing.